Tuesday, June 12, 2007

In My Neighborhood....

I've finally downloaded some pictures of my hometown which have been on my camera embarrassingly long.

I climbed out onto the front porch roof back in April and took some pictures of the campus across the street.

T. Berry Smith Memorial Hall tower
This tower overlooks my house and can be seen from a few miles away as you're driving toward town.

Church Street
My street is on some sort of motorcycle touring route, and I just happened to capture some of them as they passed in front of my house. I only got about five of the cycles in the frame, but there were at least 15 in the group that was going by.

Linn Memorial Methodist Church, the clock tower, and Swinney Conservatory of Music
I can hear the bells chime from the tower every hour on the hour. The church itself is a replica of a Norman church, and there is a huge pipe organ inside that's absolutely gorgeous. Lots of weddings take place in the church because the interior of the church is really quite strikingly beautiful. In the evenings during the fall and spring, when I open my windows, I can hear music students practicing their instruments in the conservatory wing which is attached to the left hand side of the church. Such a lovely place.

The photos below were taken just today, and you can tell the time difference in the foliage. In the earlier photos, the trees were just starting to bud out. In the ones I took today, they're deep in their summer leafiness.

Linn Memorial
I took a photo of the church from a different vantage point. I also took a picture of the other wing of the building which is used for the church's meeting and reception rooms.

Church Street Historic Houses
Half a block from my house is the oldest apartment house in town. According to the historic records, this building was originally owned and operated as an apartment building by Kit Carson. Yes, that Kit Carson. Pretty cool, huh?

The house below is three doors down from mine and was the 2007 Notable Historic Residential Property of the year. The couple who live there have really done a lovely job of restoration on the house.

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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Florida, Christmas 2006

Mike decorated his house for Christmas in anticipation of my arrival. It's so homey! I love it!!!

Mike's deck is a great place to hang out and enjoy the warm breezes.

The backyard is so pretty with the blooming bouganvilla (sp?) and the spanish moss dripping overhead. The vine growing on the big tree in the backyard is so amazingly intricate. I can't do it justice with my camera.

Cash wanted to show me all around his yard. He's soooo cute and fluffy!!!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Chicago Trip